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Cooling Our Neighbourhoods

Cities are full of roofs and roads which trap significantly more heat than green spaces. The heat retained in these impermeable surfaces make our neighbourhoods even hotter during heatwaves particularly at night in a phenomenon known as Urban Heat Island Effect.

Brimbank is highly vulnerable to heat island effect as more than 60% of our municipality is covered in impermeable surfaces such as roads, carparks, house roofs and footpaths.

An easy way to begin to reduce heat in our neighbourhoods is to use nature! Trees and other vegetation provide shade and cool the air through evapotranspiration. They also provide a wealth of other benefits including reducing air pollution, reducing heating and cooling costs, providing food and increasing biodiversity.

Over the coming year, we will be distributing trees and other plants to Brimbank residents for planting in private gardens or on nature strips.

We are keen to hear about your experience of extreme heat and what methods you are currently using to stay cool during extreme heat.

If you are interested in adopting a tree and/or planting a nature strip garden, please complete the survey and tell us about what type of tree would suit your home.

Stay up to date with this project by completing the  COOLING OUR NEIGHBOURHOODS SURVEY or email to join the mailing list

This project is supported by Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation and Brimbank City Council's Community Grants Programs

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Our next tree collection session is happening on Saturday 20 May between 1pm and 3pm!

To help us plan, we ask you RSVP for the Saturday 20 May session using the form below.

If you are not available to collect plants at this session, but are keen to adopt one or more of the varieties listed below, please register your interest via the form and provide your email so we can organise an alternative pick up time.

Collection Form

Collection is from Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House, 61A Selwyn St ALBION.

On the day, please come through the park to the rear community garden. 


Register to adopt a tree by completing our survey via: COOLING OUR NEIGHBOURHOODS SURVEY



Tapping the potential of our nature strips!

 Over the next few months we will be creating lovely nature strip gardens in Sunshine West, Sunshine, Albion and Ardeer.

The first planting is set for June 17, we are looking for a couple of people to come along and help plant out a mix of 25 indigenous grasses, wildflowers and herbs.

If you are interested in coming along, send us an email at

If you're interested in creating your own verge garden, either for edibles or non-edibles, join Karen Sutherland for a workshop covering all aspects of how to go about it.

Increasing Biodiversity, Habitat and Pollinator Corridors on Nature Strips Workshop

Saturday 27 May, 1pm to 2pm | FREE


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Climate Adaptation and Tackling Urban Heat Island

Interested  in learning more about how you can use the strategic placement of trees, shrubs and annual crops to both cool your home (and in some cases help reduce winter drafts)?

Come along to one of our upcoming workshops focussing on how to use plants to provide shade and cool the air around your home.

We'll be holding a mix of face-to-face and online sessions, the first session is happening on Tuesday 1 August, see workshop details below.


Introduction to Cooling your Environment with Plants

An introduction to nature-based strategies to cool your home with Edible Eden's Karen Sutherland. Suitable for homeowners and renters, session will cover topics including: tree selection and placement, protecting your buildings and root management; temporary plantings using annual vines and vegetables; using potted shade;
and looking after your trees to maximise the cooling they provide.

Tuesday 1 August at 7pm - Online Session

Wednesday 16 August, 6.30pm at Sunshine Library
Details coming soon

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