Low Tox Home—Natural Cleaning Products Make & Take

Discover easy ways to replace toxic products with natural ones in the home using essential oils.
Make as many items as you like on the day; choose from cleaning spray; glass cleaner; wood polish; carpet cleaner; citrus air freshener.
Pay per item—prices from $1 to $4
Saturday 20 July 1.30pm – 3pm
e: or txt 0409 869 305

DIY Worm Farms

Learn how to create your own low-cost worm farms using recycled materials. Worm farms are great for reducing landfill and provide great fertiliser  for the garden. Session will look at different ways to set up your worm farm and how to keep your worms happy. 
Saturday 17 August 1pm-2pm | FREE
e:  or p: 0413 434 082

Introduction to Bee Keeping

Introduction to backyard beekeeping with experienced beekeeper Angela. Learn what’s needed to keep bees in your backyard, and how to keep your bees happy and healthy. 
Saturday 31 August 1pm-2pm| FREE
Bookings e:

Crochet Produce Bags

Learn how to make a weightless crocheted produce bag perfect for a trip to the fruit and veggie store. A great way to ditch the plastic produce bags without having to wrestle loose fruit at the cash register.
This workshop requires some crochet skills |  Pattern and material supplied.
Tuesday 27 August 11am-1pm | $10
e: | p: 0413 434 082

Rag Rugs Workshop

Recycle old clothes or fabric into a fantastic braided rag rug. 
In this workshop you will learn how to braid your own unique floor covering that can be made to fit a small or large space.
Bring along a selection of fabric in a couple of complementary colours – cotton sheets, shirts or pillowcases are ideal. 
10 September 12pm-2.30pm | $20
e: | p: 0413 434 082

Sleep and Stress Support

Learn how you can support you and your family to sleep better
and manage stress naturally using essential oils. Workshop covers safety, applications and practical uses in the home. Make two rollers of your own Sleep and Stress Support blends to take home.
Monday 4 August  2.15pm – 3.45pm  | $15
Booking essential—Text Jo on  0409 869 305 

Every Home Needs Oils — Make & Take Class

Learn about our essential oils and how they can benefit you
and your family. Create your own essential oil blends to take
home to assist with  things such as immune support, and
digestive or respiratory issues.
Monday 19 August 5.45pm– 7.15pm| $15
Booking essential—Text Jo on  0409 869 305 

Managing Anxiety Using Natural Solutions and Mindfulness Based Strategies 

Learn some simple techniques to manage daily stressors, including two strategies based on the Cognitive Behavioural Model that
help manage anxiety and a mindfulness-based strategy to assist
you to manage worrying thoughts. This session will also cover how incorporate natural solutions into your mood management regime.

Saturday 7 September 1.30pm – 3pm  | $15
Booking essential—text Jo on  0409 869 305