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KCNH Library of Things

We’re working on a library of things to provide community with access to useful items that people often use only occasionally. Borrowing saves you buying them! Loans are for domestic use only.


Fowlers Vacola Stainless Steel Preserver


Electric preserving unit—turn your excess fruit and tomatoes into fruit preserves or passata. Used for preserves that require a water bath after bottling, this preserving unit is automated and will keep a constant temperature to process preserves and ensure they are safe to store and eat later. Unit plugs into a power point and comes with instruction manual.

Fowlers Vacola Dehydrator 


Drying foods is one of the oldest forms of preserving—a great way to preserve garden harvest of fruit or veggies. Unit plugs into a power point and comes with instruction manual.

Sewing Machines & Overlocker


Sewing machines and overlocker suitable for general sewing projects including mending, dress making and other sewing projects.



Need a wheelbarrow for a project but don’t have anywhere to store long-term. We have a couple of wheelbarrows available to loan.

FLIR Thermal Camera


Thermal Cameras can help identify areas of your home where there is unwanted heat loss or thermal gain and where interventions such as draught proofing, insulation and shading through blinds or vegetation are best placed to help you reduce energy use from heating or cooling.


Borrowing: Equipment can be loaned  for 7 days (depending on demand).


Borrowing is FREE—a refundable bond applies, please speak to the co-coordinators if leaving a bond presents a problem for you.


To arrange a loan contact us at

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