Sustainable Communities and the Sharing Economy

Posted on: September 4, 2020, by :

As part of our Community Climate Solutions project, we had a fascinating conversation with the Sharing Shed and Co-Housing Australia to discuss the real sharing economy and its possibilities in creating sustainable and more resilient communities.

Check out the recording here

Sharing Shed

Sharing Shed Melbourne Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association run by a group of passionate locals and local supporters. ​We seek to promote a more engaged, active, and resourceful community by empowering community users and partner organisations with low-cost access to a wide range of useful goods, skills and related knowledge.

Elena Pereyra – Co-Housing Australia

Cohousing is essentially a citizen-led housing development that seeks to reduce the footprint, economically and ecologically, of the individual household by having a variety of communal spaces for community activity and resource sharing, with a focus on collective self-management and participatory governance.

This event was brought produced by Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House and Brimbank Climate Action as part of our Community Climate Solutions Project.

The project is supported by Brimbank City Council