Solar Power and Community-Owned Renewable Energy

Posted on: September 4, 2020, by :

As part of our Community Climate Solutions project, we had a fascinating conversation with two renewable energy advocates to discuss new models for our energy system that offer opportunities to address the Climate Emergency and drive a just energy transition.

Check out the recording here

Doug Palmer

Doug is a sustainability assessor and advocate for community-owned energy co-operatives that assist the community to access renewable, clean energy when they don’t have the capacity to generate it themselves. Community Energy Co-operatives empower local communities to drive and build a just energy transition and address the climate emergency.

Marcus Power

Marcus Power is a solar installer and through his company Brimbank Solar he has done a wide range of solar installations, covering residential, commercial and off-grid systems with battery storage. Marcus also has an interest in microgrids which are local energy grids that can be disconnected from the traditional grid to allow neighbouring households to share the excess clean energy they produce.

This event was brought produced by Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House and Brimbank Climate Action as part of our Community Climate Solutions Project.

The project is supported by Brimbank City Council